Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to come!

Wow, It has been awhile since I've posted.
With the wonders of winter, my children have been sick!! It has been awful.
I am really looking forward to spring (and allergies). 
Anyway. There is LOTS coming up for you.

The Goodie Train will be taking off March 1st with the theme *Down the Rabbit Hole*
I will tell you this. The kits and colors are gorgeous!!
Here is a Preview of Mine. You'll be able to snag it March 1st.
I drew 3 new Tubes. Alice, The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts.
Now, if you download the Scrapkit the tubes are included.

The Creative Misfit Blog has our St. Patricks Scrap, Template, Mask etc Challenge which will be posted on March first. You'll be able to snag Mine and many more over there.

Here are My Previews:

And Lastly Here are a couple of Templates for you to snag. 
There is a coffee cup and a teacup.
CU is ok as long as you credit me in your T.O.U.
Click the picture to go with the download.

And here is what you can do with them!

That is all for now. I am working on a few more scraps and then maybe I will actually get around to writing a tut or two.